Burger King Deal: Sends Customers to McDonald’s to Get Penny Whopper

A new Burger King deal allows customers to get a Whopper for just one penny, but they have to head to McDonald’s.

Just hearing the short rundown of the new Burger King deal may seem strange, but it all makes sense. Basically, customers are able to stop by any McDonald’s location in the U.S. to order the 1-cent Whopper, but they won’t be asking for it from McDonald’s staff.

Instead, customers will be using the Burger King app on their smartphones to make the order. It will recognize when customers are within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. When it sees this, it will unlock the deal for the penny Whopper.

Now that the Burger King deal is available to the customer, they can make their order. When doing so, they can select a nearby Burger King location to pick the order up from. Once that’s done, they just have to head order to that store to get their almost-free Burger King Whopper.

The special Burger King deal is going by the name “The Whopper Detour.” It’s a bit of clever marketing from the company that could only happen in our current era of technology. The only concern is convenience. Customers love deals, but how many will be willing to put in the extra effort to get the cheap Whopper?

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