Roland Martin starts daily streaming show “#ROLANDMARTINUNFILTERED”

Prominent media personality Roland Martin announced that he is starting a steaming news show recently.

“The hope is to provide a platform where we can speak on news and issues from our perspective. We plan to cover news stories that are being ignored by the mainstream media.” Said Martin in a recent interview with 24FLIX. “Our audience felt that this was important, they want this information, and they want news from out perspective”

Martin’s new streaming program #ROLANDMARTINUNFILTERED launched on September 4th and has had over 2.4 million views in its first month. The show airs on Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube live daily at 6pm, and replays the shows several times daily. It will also be available on-demand on a multitude of digital platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast and more.

The format will feature in-depth discussions and one-on-one interviews with authors, artists, athletes, entertainment personalities, and other top names in education, public policy, and academia. In addition, #RolandMartinUnfiltered will hit the road and stream live events across the country, such as speeches, summits, conferences, town halls, and staple entertainment events.

The timing of the show is pivotal with so many important dates coming up. #ROLANDMARTINUNFILTERED will be a key voice in the voter registration campaigns, voter suppression battles and the coming mid-term elections.

“The problem earlier, was that our people wanted to hear the news that related to their own community and from our perspective, but if you didn’t have certain cable systems or Dish, you couldn’t see the show, plus it only aired once a day, in the morning.” said Martin. “We still have problems, cable news is ignoring our issues, and focusing more on our President and little else.”

Be sure to look out for #ROLANDMARTINUNFILTERED today, or check out Rolandmartin.com for more information.





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