Michelle Williams commits to mental health awareness after treatment

Michelle Williams is ready to help others with their mental health in her journey to commit to her own.

“I had no plans of what I was going through being public BUT now that it is I have a made an even BIGGER commitment to the mental health awareness area,” the former Destiny’s Child singer wrote on Instagram on Saturday. “So many people are suffering, hurting, hopeless, lost and don’t see a way out but there is.”

Williams, 37, who admitted herself to a mental health facility two weeks ago, thanked her fans and family for their support in her message and offered encouraging words for anyone struggling with depression.

“You have to do the work even when you’re tired and feel the heaviness. Take one step at a time! Don’t overwhelm yourself,” she wrote.

Her post was complete with a picture of her showing off her engagement ring sporting what appears to be a white robe. The “Survivor” singer is engaged to pastor Chad Johnson, who she mentioned along with her friends and family have been “awesome” since she decided to get help.

Since checking into the facility, the singer has received support from fellow musicians,including Missy Elliot, Solange Knowles. Williams said she even got “a huge meal” from Beyoncè’s mother Tina Knowles Lawson, who used to style Williams during her Destiny’s Child days.


New York Post
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