Florida Cup Match 1: Corinthians 1-1 Final on PSV Eindhoven’s Late Heroics

Corinthians 1(5) PSV Eindhoven 1(4)

Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis

The 2018 Florida Cup matches started off with a bang last night at Orlando City Stadium when Brazillian champions SC Corinthians drew first and held on to a 1-0 lead for most of the match. The fireworks came with just seconds remaining. The Netherland’s PSV Eindhoven’s corner finally led to the equalizer.

In the 23rd minute, Sao Paulo’s Corinthians got a decent scoring chance and made the most of it. Juninho Capixaba sent in a free kick from just left of the box following a foul on Arias. The ball fell perfectly onto the foot of Rodriguinho at the back post for an easy tap-in back past the goalkeeper Zoet. Corinthians had far fewer chances but led 1-0 after 24 minutes.

Corinthians substituted liberally to start the second half be replacing all 11 players. This allowing PSV to come at the Brazilian team in waves, only to be denied time after time by imperfect finishing or outstanding goalkeeping by second-half keeper Caíque França, who put on a clinic, especially in the final 15 minutes.

Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis

Caique’s heroics began in the 52nd minute when he came off his line to barely get a fist to a cross before De Jong could get his head on it. He punched away another cross in the 59th. PSV won a number of set pieces — mostly corners — throughout the second period but couldn’t do much with them, as shots were blocked, crosses were cleared, and when all else failed, Caique was there to smother it.

PSV was finally able to hit pay dirt in the final seconds of stoppage. Joshua Brenet sent a cross into the box that hit a few bodies, and ended up on the foot of Sam Lammers, who slotted home on just about the last kick of regulation, tying the match at 1-1.

Penalty Shootout (5-4, Corinthians)

PSV: Adam Maher scored into the left corner. 1-0.

Corinthians: Junior Dutra belted it into the upper left corner. 1-1.

PSV: Daniel Schwaab sent the keeper the wrong way and scores into the bottom left corner. 2-1.

Corinthians: Felipe Bastos sneaked it inside the left post after a stutter-step move. 2-2.

PSV: Lammers shot to his right but it was saved by Caique. 2-2.

Corinthians: Maycon scored into the left side. 3-2.

PSV: Arias scored down the middle. 3-3.

Corinthians: Camacho scored into the left side. 3-4.

PSV: Malen scored down the middle. 4-4.

Corinthians: Giovanni Augusto scored off the foot of Zoet, who guessed wrong but nearly made the save. 4-5.

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