A smarter, affordable pet ID tag for only $20

Pawscout, The Smarter Pet Tag™, is the most advanced and connected pet accessory of its kind: with benefits and features designed for owners to build safe communities for their pet.

Up until now, the traditional pet tag has offered little more than an address or phone number. Pawscout gives pet owners a whole new way to connect with and keep a close eye on their furry family members.

The first pet name-tags originated over 200 years ago, and while some advancements have emerged in the form of microchips and GPS devices, nothing has elevated the tag beyond a simple tracking or identification device.

Pawscout is smartphone-compatible and connected, beautiful but affordable, and most importantly, an easy and fun way for people to build a safe community for their pets.

A formal portrait of a beautiful young Bengel cat against a light background.

A Pawscout tag tracks movements and identifies lost pets with the help of the Pawscout App, allowing owners to share alerts and receive virtual updates from their online community of friends, family, and other pet owners. The tag tracks walk distances, and a live map means people can easily spot their pet in real-time as long as the pet is within a 300-foot range of anyone with the Pawscout App.  For extra security, a virtual leash can be set to warn owners if Fido decides to scamper out of view.

Pawscout Pet Owner Benefits:

  • Community Pet Finder: Alert all users in the area as soon as your pet goes missing. Get notified when your pet comes within range of anyone with the Pawscout App.
  • Digital Profile and Medical Records: Create a full digital profile of your pet including photos, your contact info, vaccinations and behavioral or medical issues.
  • Pet-Friendly Favorites: Use the Pawscout map to discover or share local veterinarians, groomers, shelters, or restaurants, stores, or parks that welcome pets.

Like the name tags of old, Pawscout tags optionally offer laser-etched, scratch-resistant engraving. But, in keeping with the tag’s originality, you can choose a style that fits your pet’s character.

From the location-based features that allow people to track their own or their friend’s pet’s movements, to finding a local, pet-recommended coffee shop, Pawscout is the modern name tag for the modern pet.

Pawscout tags are available on Priced at $19.95, with no monthly fees. The Pawscout App is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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