NBA Commissioner and Michael Jordan Step In on Oakley-Dolan Feud

This is how you handle a scandal. As you probably already know, last week, New York Knick legend Charles Oakley bought a ticket and attended the New York Knicks game against the Los Angeles Clippers as a fan. According to Oakley, he sat in his seat for 4 minutes, which was 4 rows away from Knick owner James Dolan, when Knicks security asked him to leave and would up removing him forcibly.

Knick fans were furious, as they blame Dolan and team ownership for the years of bad team management and the pitiful state of their home team. Oakley has been vocal about his unhappiness with the teams direction as well.

The Knicks and Dolan dug them selves even deeper into a PR  nightmare by saying that Oakley was banned for life from Madison Square Garden and suggested that Oakley had a drinking problem.

The Knicks were blasted all over sports media and social media and the matter seemed to be unsolvable.

In steps NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and respected NBA legend and owner Michael Jordan. Apparently the two orchestrated a meeting to mediate the situation quietly and behind closed doors.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued the following statement today regarding the situation involving Charles Oakley and Madison Square Garden:

“It is beyond disheartening to see situations involving members of the NBA family like the one that occurred at Madison Square Garden this past week.  In an effort to find a path forward, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan, Charles Oakley, and I met today at the league office, along with Michael Jordan, who participated by phone.

“Both Mr. Oakley and Mr. Dolan were apologetic about the incident and subsequent comments, and their negative impact on the Knicks organization and the NBA.  Mr. Dolan expressed his hope that Mr. Oakley would return to MSG as his guest in the near future.

“I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Dolan, Mr. Oakley and Mr. Jordan to work towards a resolution of this matter.”

So it looks like it’s all settled. Stay tuned…

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