Kanye West cancels Saint Pablo Tour

kanye-getty-imagesKanye West has certainly made a lot of noise on his ‘Saint Pablo Tour’. He’s had complaints of late starts, many controversial rants and abruptly ending concerts well short of the scheduled end. Now, after being booed for saying “would have voted for Donald Trump” in the presidential election and after a stormy weekend in which he abruptly ended a show after only four songs. The hot headed rapper has cancelled the tour altogether.

A representative for the rapper said Monday the remaining dates of West’s current tour have been canceled. No reason was given.

cqzayo_wgaa0eljThe tour, now in California and with dates through Dec. 31, had future stops in Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C., among others.

West abruptly ended a concert Sacramento, California on Saturday night, and cancelled the show in Los Angeles on Sunday. The L.A. show was set for the Los Angeles Forum and was cancelled a mere 3 hours before showtime. West’s label, Ticketmaster nor Live Nation have given any explanation for the cancellation.

kanyeThe latest drama comes after West went on a wild rant about Trump and others at his Saturday show. Captured on video by concert-goers, West in an over 10-minute tirade told the audience he was on his “Trump (expletive) tonight.” He talked about Beyonce, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, the radio and MTV at the stop of his Saint Pablo Tour.

Saturday’s outburst and truncated show became a hot topic on Twitter and other social platforms Sunday morning, as amateur videos circulated of West’s rant where, among other things, he said he was hurt because he heard Beyonce refused to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards unless she won Video of the Year over him. He also urged her husband Jay Z to call him and “talk to me like a man.”

The performer said he was putting his life, career and “public well-standing” at risk by talking to the fans in the audience “like this,” adding that his Saint Pablo tour “is the most relevant (expletive) happening.”  He continued: “I am here to change things. And things won’t change until people admit their own falsehoods. I got the visions, bro. That’s what I’ve been blessed with. My vision. I’m not always going to say things the perfect way, the right way. But I’m going to say how I feel.”  West’s tour was slated to resume Tuesday night in Fresno, but LA Times music writer Gerrick Kennedy reported that West had told Saint Pablo tour crew members that the remaining U.S. dates were canceled.

Source: foxnews



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