Nicolas Sparks Production Company Closes Down

nicholas-sparksNicholas Sparks Productions, the studio responsible for the romantic novelist’s four year old film and television production company has closed down.

Sparks headed the company with longtime publishing agent and creative collaborator Theresa Park. A total of 11 of his 18 novels have been made into movies, led by 1999’s “Message in a Bottle,”2004’s “The Notebook” and 2010’s “Dear John,”which all topped $100 million at the worldwide box office.

Sparks was a producer on his last four films: 2013’s “Safe Haven” for Relativity, 2014’s “The Best of Me” for Warner Bros., 2015’s “The Longest Ride” for Fox and 2016’s “The Choice” for Lionsgate. “The Choice” underperformed at the box office with $18 million domestically leading to the studio’s demise.

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