Ricky Smiley For Real Debuts Season 2 Tonight ON TVONE!!


Be sure to tune in to the season premier of Ricky Smiley For Real at 8pm EST tonight on the
TVONE Network. Ricky and his two families, his radio family, and his kids at home face another season on laughs, adventures trials and tribulations as they begin their second season.

Ricky, known for his uproarious stand up comedy, hilarious morning radio show, and giggle filled hosting gigs, is also a single father. He commutes back and forth between Birmingham, Alabama (where his family is) and Atlanta, Georgia (Where his radio show and business are). SO he’s really juggling two families: home and work.

This season will follow Ricky as he is tours with Comedian Mike Epps, takes a trip to the Bahamas, collaborates with R&B icon Kelly Price, and celebrates his 15th college fraternity anniversary.

Ricky also steps back from his Dish Nation TV show and continues to work hard on that work-family balance which is always a challenge. You’ll see I’m work hard to keep his kids on track, and even harder too keep his eyes on what his daughters are up to.

So tune in tonight for the season two premier of Ricky Smiley for Real.

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