V Rose Comes Back Strong With “Young And Dangerous Heart”

v-rose-young-dangerous-heartChristian Pop and Hip Hop singer V Rose has returned with a new album, and it’s a strong new entry into the music atmosphere. Her new project, ‘Young And Dangerous Heart’ his V’s strongest effort yet.

This album is built for radio, with strong, catchy melodies over bouncing beats that are combined with tracks that are pop- radio friendly and irresistible to dance to. V has emerged from a pop princess that sung Christian hip hop anthems with Christian rapper Flame to take things to a new level. V has, however, never forgot that the core of who she is belongs to God and Jesus Christ.

“The transition from the teenage years to being a young adult is such a vulnerable place,” V. Rose told Rapzilla.com. “You can grow into being a strong, confident person or be insecure and confused, all depending on whether you play it safe and try to make people happy or whether you can listen and follow God’s voice in your heart. If you can do that, true joy is within reach.”

1459315833551Standouts on the album are “I Love You So Much (ILYSM)” featuring Christian Hip Hop mainstay Trip Lee. Both V and Trip boldly declare their love for the Lord over a beautiful, wide  and almost ghostly sounding chords combined with a beautiful melody over a hot beat, a truly unique and memorable song.

The project opens with “Take A Broken Heart“, a straight banger. It’s bass heavy, bouncing beats carry floating, strong melodies. She sings about God being able to take away a broken heart. Right up with today’s contemporary sound , reminding you of Rihanna. They also slow it down to a midwest syrupy crawl. Hot!

The song “Money$ On You” starts with more of the V Rose we are used to, but the verse drops to a ghost-like sound with a more low key lead vocal. V Rose’s lyrics talk about having faith in God and how she’s putting all of her money on God as the world passes away. With God she can’t lose! Trip declares that’d has already proved himself through Jesus.

The title track, “Young Dangerous Heart” is a stripped down song that starts with just V declaring her determination over a guitar that builds up in sound and full rhythm track. V’s strong voice and melody carry this song as she declares she has a young and dangerous heart that will not be stopped as long as she believes what is in her heart.

V Rose has delivered a strong album with songs that are ready for radio and all set to encourage listeners to keep the faith.

The album is in stores today!

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