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Top 10 New Year’s Resolution

Tips-to-Lose-weightEvery year, many of us make a “New Year’s Resolution” to better ourselves in some way.  Did you know that 75% of those people stick with their resolution for only a week?  Many experts recommend that you make New Year’s resolution that not impossible.  Don’t go overboard and say you’re going to lose 50 pound in 6 months, instead try to lose 2-5 pounds a month.  Start small and celebrate each success. (Not with an unhealthy meal)  Also, it’s always a good idea to get an accountability partner.  Below is a list of the top 10 New Years Resolution.

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Stay in touch (with family & friends)
  3. Quit Smoking
  4. Save money
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Volunteer
  7. Go back to school
  8. Cut back on Alcohol
  9. Get more sleep
  10. Travel

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