Orlando Magic Defeat The Utah Jazz With Solid Defense

The Orlando Magic defeated the Utah Jazz 102- 93 with a solid defensive performance. The Jazz, who beat the Magic on six of their last nine match ups, were no match for Orlando’s athleticism and defensive intensity.

It had to be a tough night for Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier. Just prior to the tip off, he learned of the terrorist attacks in his native Paris,France, yet Fournier delivered a solid performance, scoring a game-high 21 points and has been the teams leading scorer this season, averaging just over 18 points per game.

Tobias Harris added 19 points and a game-high 13 rebounds while Vucevic added 16 points, nine boards and five assists.

Still somewhat in shock about a day that offered him a wide range of emotions, Fournier didn’t want to discuss what had happened in his homeland hours earlier. However, Vucevic – Fournier’s best friend on the team and a fellow speaker of the French language – talked about the toughness of his teammate for playing through the pain he was feeling.

It was a good night for the Magic, who even out to a .500 record at 5-5. Next game: tonight at the Washington Wizards.

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