Coldplay Debuts New Single Featuring Gwyneth Paltrow

On Thanksgiving day, Chris Martin and the band Coldplay debut a new single “Everglow”. The interesting thing about this single is that Chris Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow sings on the song. Paltrow and Martin divorced last year after a decade of marriage.

Paltrow, even thought it is tough to hear, songs in the background around the 1:30 mark of the song, singing the lyrics “How come things move on/How come cars don’t slow.” Martin revealed in an interview with Q Magazine that the reason Paltrow contributed to the ballad is because she “came up with the idea” for those particular lyrics.

“To me, it’s about — whether it’s a loved one or a situation or a friend or a relationship that’s finished, or someone’s passed away — I was really thinking about, after you’ve been through the sadness of something, you also get this everglow. That’s what it’s about.”

The friendly exes spent tis Thanksgiving together. The new Coldplay album is due in stores on Dec 4th


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