Coke and Pepsi Join Forces For Veterans

Two beverage company mega-companies, Coke and Pepsi have decided to come together to help veterans find jobs.

Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi appear together in a public service announcement for ACP AdvisorNet, a nonprofit organization that provides advice and services for returning military veterans to start their next careers.

The two company heads have agreed to use their resources to give veterans career advice and to help them turn their strong leadership skills into long-term careers.

Veterans can reach out through the AdvisorNet to multiple industry experts for career advice in their chosen field of interest. ACP also offers yearlong one-on-one personal mentorships that focus on job search strategies, long-term career planing and work-life balance.

AdvisorNet has already placed more than 6,000 veterans with mentors. With the help of Coke and Pepsi, the possibilities of how many veterans and endless.

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