Apple Introduces iPad Pro, New Apple TV and iPhone 6s, 6s Plus

Apple still got it.  Today, Apple revealed the new iPad pro which is will compete with the popular Surface Pro made by Microsoft.  The iPad Pro has a 12.9” screen size which is about the same size as the 13th Macbook and Macbook pro.  It has 4 speakers, It has the new A9x chip with 64-bit architecture, 8 MP camera, records HD videos and slow motion at 120 frames per seconds with a 3x zoom.  It has all of the same features with its predecessor but will provide a much faster and better experience.  You can get the optional keyboard using the smart connectors that is made specifically for the iPad pro and the Apple pencil made for the iPad pro.  The iPad pro ships with the new OSX9 operating system which has a lot of upgrades and new features.  The iPad pro will be available in November starting at $699.  Just in time for the holiday season.

The new Apple TV is finally here and it has been so long since apple has made a significant change in the Apple TV.  Many in the tech world thought that Apple had given up on the Apple TV.  Today, Apple showed the world that it’s very much interested in the Apple TV.  The two major upgrades are the ability to have apps on the Apple TV just like any other Apple product and the new Siri remote.  Adding Siri means that you can voice-control many aspect of the experience including finding TV shows, looking up sports scores, the weather all while you’re watching a movie or TV show.  You will now be able to play games, go shopping and much much more.  I can’t wait to see what developers come up with.

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