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Teen dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba

Michael John Riley Jr., a star athlete from Houston, Texas was swimming at Sam Houston State Park with his friends on August 13th where he most likely accoutered the brain-eating amoeba, according to Doctors.  He died on Sunday.

The family release a statement via his Facebook page “Miracle 4 Michael”…
“It is with a heavy heart that we tell you, Michael John Riley Jr. lost his battle on this earth but won a victory for his place in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Michael fought a courageous fight over the past week, allowing him to move on to be with the Lord for future heavenly tasks, a beautiful set of wings, and a pair of gold running shoes.

The tests tonight produced undesirable results which were coupled with the inability to function without support and proper blood flow to the brain.

As Michael’s work here is done, we will begin our work in honoring him by continuing with our search for a better understanding along with an awareness campaign in hopes of sparing others from the tremendous pain and agony that follows the onset of Naegleria fowleri and primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM).

We will release information regarding service arrangements in the near future.”


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