Person of the Week: Nick Vujicic

nick2At only 32 years of age, born with no arms and no legs, Mr. Nick Vujicic has accomplished more then the average Joe.  Nick is married and has a son with his wife Kanae Miyahara, he is an accomplished author and motivational speaker.  He has appeared to many television programing including Oprah, he has traveled around the globe and has inspired thousands of people around the world.  He’s started in a short film which happen to win a festival in hollywood and He is also an evangelist.

Now who would have thought a person born with no arms or legs would be able to accomplished so much?  Certainly not me and because of that it has been very inspirational.  It makes us ask ourselves this question; if someone born without these limbs is able to accomplish so much, what about us with perfect working limbs?  Are we able to accomplish as much or more?

He was born Nicolas James “Nick” Vujicic which is a Serbian last name on December 4, 1982 in Australia.  He was born with a disease called tetra-amelia syndrome.  It is a rare disorder where one is born without all 4 limbs.  It is formed by the mutations in the WNT3 gene.

Nick has never let his disability stop him from enjoying life, doing the things that he loves and pushing for success.  One of Nick’s favorite quote is “Don’t give up and know that there is always someone out there who believes in you and who loves you just the way that you are.”   His messages are both uplifting, and inspirational.   His messages have change the lives of many who has been hurt, abused, felt hopeless, felt life is meaningless.  Thousands of people have written Nick to let him know that his life, his message has changed their lives.

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