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USA Women’s Soccer Team Wins The World Cup


USA Women’s Soccer Team Wins The World cup

By: Jazmine Montgomery

The USA Women’s soccer team received their third World Cup title last night  in 5-2 victory over Japan . The USA’s womens soccer team  team has not won a World Cup title since 1999 , but last night the team was on a mission to bring home a title from Vancouver , Canada . In the first three minutes of the game  Carli Lloyd for team USA made the quickest goal sending the game into full throttle   . Carli Lloyd quickly became  the star player of the game who made a hat trick goal , which was the first hat trick ever performed in a Women’s World  Cup final game . Lloyd even scored a 55 yard goal which sailed in smoothly as ever . Carli Lloyd played an essential role in the game she scored three goals within the first 16 minutes of the game . The term plays like a girl definitely has new meaning to it !

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