Orlando City Wins 2-0, Advance to Quarterfinals in US Open Cup

It was an exciting game day yesterday with not only the win of USA Women’s team against Germany by 2-0 but also at the Citrus Bowl when the Orlando City Soccer Club played the Columbus Crew in the first round of the U.S Open Cup. Orlakaka2ndo City Soccer defeated Columbus Crew 2-0 to advance to the quarterfinals in an intense game with much on the line for both teams. Orlando City was playing with an original roster and played well to keep strong possession of the ball and bring it to the net for several close attempts at a goal. The first half of the match had the crowd on its feet with the Columbus Crew playing strong defense to keep Orlando City from scoring but, it was not enough. Despite how physical Columbus Crew was getting with Orlando City that had both team catching a several Yellow Cards, KaKa pulled off an extremely exciting goal. Due to the aggressiveness of Columbus Crews Klute OSC got a free kick and even though it was a goal it did not count. In the following play, wkaka3ithin the same 20’ minutes, KaKa scored the first goal OSC needed to rev up the game. The spotlight was not only on KaKa but also on Rivas, who scored the second goal of the night in a powerful play with a strong assist from Ribeiro. That was the only time Rivas shined, he also played strong defense and made sure Columbus Crew was not going to get an easy goal last night. The game continued to be exciting with multiple close goal attempts made by both teams, but it was Orlando City Soccer who pulled out another strong win. Orlando City is scheduled to play Real Salt Lake on the Fourth of July, but their next home game will be against FC Dallas on July 11th.

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