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Orlando City Soccer’s Big Opening Day

DSC_4197 DSC_3728 DSC_3679 DSC_3632 DSC_3660 DSC_4310Orlando, Florida.  The wait is finally over, Orlando City Soccer is now playing it’s first MLS game.  The game has been sold out for weeks; 62,000 tickets have been sold and the fans are ready.  In fact an additional 2,000 standing-room only tickets became available days before the game and it was immediately sold.

The entire stadium is in purple.  The fans, the players, the coach, the managers and owners have been waiting for this day for a very long time and it’s finally here.

The games starts and immediately you can tell that both sides are ready for the game of their lives.  Kaka who is the much anticipated new player in the Orlando City Soccer team does not disappoint.  He had the ball several time and made several goal attempts until the second quarter of the game when New York was up by one.  When Kaka made the score, the entire stadium went nuts.  The game ended with a tie.

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