What Color Is Oprah’s Aura? (VIDEO)

Jonas Elrod says he can see things most people cannot. He describes himself as an average Joe who was leading a normal life when, out of nowhere, he began to see visions — angels, energy masses and spirits — everywhere he went.

Completely perplexed (and admittedly terrified) he went on a soul-searching journey to try and understand his inexplicable visions. His story was filmed in the 2010 documentary “Wake Up” and garnered plenty of media attention — including the likes of Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed Elrod for her “Super Soul Sunday” series back in 2011.

During the interview, Oprah asked Elrod if he could see any spirits or visions in the room. “You know, I didn’t think you would ask me that, but I do,” he says. “But it’s different. When I hear about ‘I see ghosts,’ I think of ‘The Sixth Sense.’ I think of ‘Scooby Doo.’ It doesn’t look that way to me. What I see are masses of energy.”

Elrod gestures to the back of the room, saying he can see formations behind one of the cameras. “And I see your aura pop up here and there,” he tells Oprah.

“Is it a good aura?” Oprah asks.

“It’s great,” Elrod says. “Your energy is violet.”

He explains that when someone’s energy is bright, he knows that person is someone he wants to be around. “I’ll go shake their hand and talk to them, hang out, get coffee, grab a beer,” he says. “If it’s splintered and dark and all mashed up, you know, God bless them and send them on their way.”

Elrod says the first time he saw Oprah’s aura, it was at a Spike Lee event. “I saw you come out, I didn’t say anything to you,” he tells her. “But I really saw your energy then. It was just huge and violet.”

He says he was very happy to see that. “I wanted to believe that you were a great person,” he says. “And when I saw just this wall of beautiful energy just come out, I was like, ‘Great!'” he says.

“Nice!” Oprah smiles.

Today, Elrod is working on the new series “In Deep Shift,” which premieres on OWN Sunday, February 8 at noon ET. The show follows Elrod as he takes an in-depth look at true stories of love, loss and redemption. Watch a preview.

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