We Asked 25 Psychics Across The Country To Predict Who Will Win The Super Bowl

If you believe our country’s psychics, the New England Patriots are about to win Super Bowl XLIX.

The Huffington Post reached out to psychics across the nation with an “odd Super Bowl request” — we wanted to know who they thought would win Sunday’s game. Although it must be stressed that this is outside the normal purview of their job, 25 psychics got back to us to give a prediction for fun. As Beth Bennet of Georgia aptly put it: “Psychic abilities just don’t work like this, but that’s not what you want to know…”

Many of the psychics who wrote back with predictions expressed that they like to have a sense of humor about the job — so even though it’s not what they usually use their abilities for, they were willing to try to figure out who will win the game. Marcel Cairo of Ohio wrote in an email, “I’ll ask the ghost of Walter Peyton to tell me the outcome (joke). :-)”

Of course some psychics may end up predicting the wrong score, a fact that a few pointed out. “If I’m wrong, please try to make my name as small as possible. 3 point font. Har har,” wrote Jessica McKay form New Jersey.

Some of the psychics circumnavigated the question a bit by bringing in outside teams. When psychic Tristan Rimbaud of Kentucky tuned in, he said he saw the New England Patriots beating the Minnesota Vikings, a team that didn’t even make the playoffs this year. Others expressed how they know borderline nothing about sports and had to look up who was playing and how points are scored.

In any case, all these psychic predictions mean the information below should probably be considered a definitive source of knowledge for how the upcoming game will turn out. Gathering all the psychic data, here are a few main things to note…

Key Takeaways:

  • 16 out of 25 psychics chose the New England Patriots to win.
  • The rough mean score from all the answers was New England Patriots 23, Seattle Seahawks 21.
  • The most common score predicted for the New England Patriots was a tie between 21 and 23, which were each predicted three times.
  • The most common score predicted for the Seattle Seahawks was a tie between 17 and 24, which were each predicted four times.

Note: Two of the psychics gave multiple score possibilities. We used the first score they listed for the map below.

The map of predictions:

Here are the psychics we interviewed:

Alabama: Judi Lynch, Arkansas: Gabbie Chase, California: Anthony Teresi, Connecticut: Jeff McBride, Delaware: Deanna Fitzpatrick, Florida: Joseph LoBrutto, Georgia: Beth Bennett, Idaho: Kerry Ryan, Indiana: Jeffrey Poe, Iowa: Jessica Climer, Kentucky: Tristan Rimbaud, Maryland: Tanisia Smith, Minnesota: Alison James, Missouri: LA Martin, Nebraska: Kelli Miller, Nevada: Terri Jay, New Hampshire: Gwen Houghton, New Jersey: Jessica McKay, New Mexico: Karen Tallkat Conley, Ohio: Marcel Cairo, Oklahoma: Terry L. Blackshire, Pennsylvania: Bob Kenney, Washington: Marc Lainhart, West Virginia: Aeson Knight, Wyoming: Amy Woods

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