Teen Girls Reviewed Super Bowl Commercials And What They Discovered Will Surprise You

Super Bowl commercials cover hundreds of brands and products during football’s biggest night. But one group of teenage girls thinks an important topic is missing.

The Hatch program at SheKnows had teen girls give their opinions on this year’s Super Bowl commercials, where they discovered that they don’t feel represented as consumers during the big game.

According to a survey done by SheKnows, 61 percent of women watch the Super Bowl for the ads, but only 2 percent of them think the ads are targeted towards them.

“We do know a lot of women that watch it,” one teen said. “I think we just don’t think about it because ads aren’t targeted toward women.”

An example of this is the Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring model Charlotte McKinney, which one of the teens called sexist.

The group supported the #LikeAGirl campaign with one girl adding that it “gets people thinking,” but Dove’s commercial about dads was the most popular.

“It shows that men can have a hands-on relationship with their child and it’s okay and it makes them stronger,” one teen said.

According to the girls, the message behind the commercial does make a difference to them as consumers.

“A company that’s just promoting a message that I don’t agree with in any way, I don’t want to give them my money at all.”

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