Sister Joan Chittister’s Powerful Definition Of Humanity Is The Only One You Need (VIDEO)

At 78 years old, Sister Joan Chittister has been a devoted Roman Catholic nun for six decades. The author of nearly 50 books, she also publishes a candid online blog and travels the world spreading her universal message of peace, justice and equality — especially for women.

During her conversation with Oprah on an upcoming “Super Soul Sunday,” Sister Joan shares how she learned the true definition of humanity at a very young age, and how it’s the most powerful tool we have to end global suffering and injustice.

“Humanity is about identifying with somebody else’s pain, with being there,” she says.

We all know the familiar ache our hearts feel when we see someone who is suffering. Our humanity, Sister Joan explains, is the powerful thing that stops us from passing by that person on the road.

“Humanity is the ability to hurt for the others because that’s the only fuel that will stop the injustice,” she says. “You must know people as people, and you must do what they need in the middle of their pain.”

“Super Soul Sunday” with Sister Joan Chittister airs March 1 at 11 a.m. ET on OWN. You can also join the worldwide simulcast at or

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