Sister Joan Chittister Explains The Universal Message At The Heart Of Every Religion (VIDEO)

From an early age, Sister Joan Chittister says she felt called to be a nun. Since then, she has become an outspoken religious scholar, a fierce advocate for social justice and women’s rights, the author of nearly 50 books and one of the most influential spiritual leaders today. Through it all, she has carefully studied the ins and outs of religion — and, as she tells Oprah on an episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” she’s come away with an important insight.

At their cores, Sister Joan says, different religions share the same beliefs and messages. However, the reason we have so many religions in the world is due to one major factor: humans.

We create the divisions,” she says in the above video.

These divisions lead to the assumption that different religions stand for different things, an idea that Sister Joan doesn’t believe to be true.

“Every religion says there’s one God,” she says. “Now, if that is true, why would we expect the message to be different everywhere? Why wouldn’t we understand that this one God would have one message, for one humanity?”

That one message often gets lost in the divisions individuals create. Still, the message is clear and powerful, regardless of individual believe systems.

“That God has different faces and different tongues, but the message that comes through is going to be compassion. It’s going to be honesty. It’s going to be love,” Sister Joan says.

“It’s going to be love,” Oprah agrees. “That is the language.”

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