Cory Batey, Convicted Of Rape At Vanderbilt: ‘I Can’t Express How Sorry I Am’ (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil from prison, where Cory Batey awaits sentencing after being convicted of raping an unconscious classmate in a Vanderbilt University dorm room, the former football player opens up about what happened that night in June 2013.

“I look at the events of that night and what happened to that girl and … I have to ask you: What the hell were you thinking?” Dr. Phil asks Batey in the video above.

“I mean, I was drunk out of my mind, so I don’t think I was thinking,” Batey responds. “I mean, it’s just not a clear representation of who I am … I just couldn’t believe it was me. It was hard to put myself in that person’s shoes. I can’t express how sorry I am for my actions.”

Dr. Phil probes: “When you woke up the next morning, did you remember what took place?”

The national television exclusive interview airs on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil — watch more clips here.

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