Bill Walton Thinks Michael Jordan Was Just An ‘Average’ Athlete

In the closing minutes of the Oregon-USC basketball game on Wednesday, Bill Walton decided to take a few minutes to rip into his co-announcer a little and take a dig at Michael Jordan, all with a smile on his face. It was actually kind of incredible!

Walton called Jordan an “average” athlete during the rant, saying that what actually made Jordan so great was his preparation. He also mocked his co-announcer Dave Pasch for believing Jordan is the best player of all time:

Sorry we don’t have a full video!

Here is the conversation in its near entirety, although we cut out some conversation about the actual game that happened along the way (emphasis ours):

Walton: [Dillon Brooks] drives to the lane for simple double clutch layups that tend to amaze you [Dave Pasch]. No wonder you think that MJ is the greatest player ever. I mean, Michael made those plays seem routine.

Pasch: We’re back to this now?

Walton: It all rolls into one. What I loved about Michael Jrdan was his commitment to the team, his emphasis on physical fitness, footwork, fundamentals and his ability to figure out how how they’re going to get the job done. Because Michael, face it — the guy was basically average in terms of size, strength, speed, jumping ability, all the things that you seem to think make a great player. That guy was just a tremendous visionary like Thomas Edison — he turned the lights on.

Pasch: I wouldn’t call Michael Jordan average when it comes to, uh, speed and jumping ability.

Walton: Well…

Pasch: Remember when Jordan took off from the freeline in a dunk contest? I know Dr. J had done this previously, but…

in love

By the way, seems like Walton and Pasch are getting along great!

H/T Bleacher Report

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