20 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day

By Elyssa Kirkham, Editor

Singles Awareness Day is a humorous holiday that provides single people with an alternative to Valentine’s Day festivities. Some people consider Singles Awareness Day (sometimes shortened to S.A.D.) as the anti-Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on Feb. 14 , but others recognize Feb.15 as the official holiday.

The S.A.D. acronym suggests that singles are probably depressed on Valentine’s Day, but singles out there know they don’t need a significant other to “complete” them — their lives are awesome with or without a partner. There are tons of advantages to being single, from saving money that would normally be spent on date nights to having more free time.

So this Singles Awareness Day, take the opportunity to treat yourself. Here are 20 things singles should spend buy for themselves on Singles Awareness Day.

1. Flowers

According to a survey from eBates, 4 percent of people plan to send themselves flowers this year. People in relationships might find that weird or pathetic, but just because you’re single doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome enough to deserve a hand-delivered bouquet of fresh-cut wildflowers. Plus, plants won’t look at you with judging eyes for spending Valentine’s Day alone.

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2. Booze

Wine, beer, champagne, gin, rum, tequila, Jägermeister — pick your poison. No day of the year calls for alcohol consumption quite like Singles Awareness Day. Whether you’re hitting a bar with your single friends or starting a “Scrubs” marathon in your pajamas, indulge in some booze to lighten the mood.

3. A “Want” Rather Than a “Need”

Being able to separate “needs” from “wants” is part of Budgeting 101. It’s also key to controlled spending. But balance is needed, and the whole point of budgeting is so you can cover your needs and sometimes have extra money for wants. Singles Awareness Day can be one of those times when you spend a little extra and spoil yourself.

4. Guys’ or Girls’ Night Out

So what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Be proactive, and make some plans with your other single friends to get out and do something fun. Singles Awareness Day is the perfect excuse to go shopping, head to a bar to meet new people or catch up on the latest flick in theaters.

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5. Traveling

If you’re single, right now can be the perfect time to see some of the world. Not only is traveling solo less expensive, but you also have the freedom to go wherever you want and spend your vacation doing what you want to do. Do you wish you could spend every day of your Hawaiian vacation snorkeling? You totally can without worrying about ruining someone else’s trip.

6. Classes to Learn a New Skill

You know that skill you’ve been wanting to pick up for a while? Well, Singles Awareness Day is the day to do it. If you’re interested in a cooking class, painting class, fitness class or a class that teaches you a professional skill, do a local search for classes and buy a session or two. Not only will you be building yourself up, but you’ll also be putting yourself out there to meet new people.

7. Pizza

In the words of the honorable Bill Murray, “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

8. Gifts for Other Single Friends

Nobody wants to get nothing during Valentine’s Day weekend. Be a thoughtful friend, and set up a Singles Awareness Day gift exchange with your single pals. You can even pick a theme, opting for traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers or chocolates. Or, give presents that are more personal and geared to the recipients’ taste. A gift exchange has the added bonus of giving you and your single friends an excuse to get together and hang out while all your coupled friends celebrate their “love” or whatever.

9. Massage

A massage is one of many self-indulgences that don’t require a partner to enjoy. Plus, it might cost less than what most couples are spending on each other for Valentine’s Day.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate will always be there for you, and on Feb. 15 all the Valentine’s Day chocolate will be on sale. You can load up on chocolate for Singles Awareness Day, and even restock your emergency stash for a whole lot cheaper than those suckers in relationships. And you won’t even have to share.

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11. New Wardrobe

When you’re single, you can buy and wear whatever you want, and not a soul can say anything about it. Whether you’re dropping big dough on designer duds or browsing for thrift store items, wear clothes that make you feel awesome. There’s no romantic partner to pick apart your outfit choices or judge you for spending too much.

12. Ice Cream

Well, you have to have something to go with your pizza and chocolate, right?

13. Dating Site Subscription

Despite insisting that you love being single, it’ll be hard to get the idea of dating out of your mind around Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ll decide that it’s finally time to take a chance with online dating and put yourself out there. The good news is that online dating sites experience the most activity from New Year’s Day to Valentine’s Day, reports The Washington Post, which means you’ll have a large pool of possible matches to pick from.

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14. Dinner Somewhere Fancy

Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself out somewhere nice, or that you can’t celebrate love. Invite a person you love, like a friend or family member, to go out and enjoy a nice, upscale meal. If you celebrate Singles Awareness Day on Feb. 15, you’ll skip the crowds that always turn out on Valentine’s Day. Just make sure you establish this ground rule ahead of time: Your love life will not be on the table for discussion.

15. Personal Investments

What you non-singles might not realize is that you have an awesome financial advantage: You have fewer responsibilities than couples and married people, so you can use more of your money for personal development. So invest in yourself by registering for a professional convention, signing up for some online college courses or joining a networking group in your area.

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16. Head-to-Toe Green and Black

Green is the complementary color of pink and red, so some people consider it the holiday color of Singles Awareness Day. Besides green, some revelers opt to just wear black. Pick up a snazzy outfit in the holiday’s colors to let the world know you’re single and celebrating it.

17. Tickets for an Event

One of the most frustrating things about being single is feeling like you’re missing out on awesome events because you can’t find someone to go with. But really, you shouldn’t miss out on doing the things you love just because you might be doing them alone. Find a ticket for an event you’re excited to attend — a concert, ballet performance, comedy show, sports match — and buy one for yourself. Even if you go alone, these events can still be a great opportunity to meet others fans with whom you’ll probably have something in common.

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18. Phone or Electronics Upgrade

Maybe you’ve been eyeing the latest smartphone model or a newer gaming console. Singles Awareness Day is all about you, so it’s time to pull the trigger and upgrade. Even better is that you’ll have plenty of leisurely alone time to use and enjoy your new gadgets.

19. Spa Day

Forget the massage, and go all out with a spa day. It’ll help you relax, give you some peace and quiet, and make you feel luxuriously pampered. You’ll walk away with a glow (thanks, facial!) that could help you attract someone new into your life

20. Whatever the Heck You Want

Hello, you’re a single adult and don’t have anyone to answer to for how you spend your money! Even though overspending is the top quality people don’t want in a romantic partner, right now that’s not your problem. So go ahead, and treat yourself with a little extra somethin’ somethin’ on Singles Awareness Day.

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