YouTuber JennXPenn's Heartfelt Letter To Her Younger Self Is The Pep Talk Everyone Needs

Jenn McAllister has made some big changes in the past two years — and she’s learned a few lessons in the process.

In a video addressed to her younger self, the YouTube personality traded her typical pranks for some pretty thoughtful advice. Jenn — or better known as Jennxpenn — has come a long way since her days making videos in her backyard, including partnership deals with AwesomenessTV and Fullscreen and even a “life-changing” cross-country move to L.A.

“Every single thing that’s happened to me has since impacted who I am and where I am now,” says the 18-year-old in a voiceover, featuring her walking alone on a beach.

Jenn’s words of wisdom to her 16-year-old self include:

“Stay focused. Remember there are people in life who will try to drag you down with them. Don’t forget where you’re going. Some best friends forever… really aren’t forever. But don’t regret the time you spent with them — they’ve all impacted your life no matter how long they were in it for. Even if they kind of sucked.”

But in spite of heartbreak and loneliness, she also learned perseverance.

“We as people never self-congratulate ourselves,” Jenn continues. “So let me start and tell you you’ll accomplish things you’ve always wanted to… Be proud of the things you do and don’t stop. This is just the beginning.”

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