What Flying Used To Be Like… And What We Hope It’s Like In The Future

We all know air travel has changed significantly over the years, but did you know that planes used to cruise at 100 miles an hour back in the day?

Back in January 1914, the Benoist Company began flying the first regularly-scheduled passenger flight between St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida piloted by Capt. Tony Jannus. Fast forward to 1958, when the majority of American passengers headed to Europe opted to travel by plane instead of ocean liner. By 2013, there were 3.1 billion passengers. So yea, a LOT has changed.

The folks over at Icelandair were curious to examine the history of flight — and what could happen in the future. They carried out an online survey of 1,005 Americans asking, “What one thing do you want to see in the future of air travel?”

Check out some of the fascinating tidbits — as well as some predictions for the future — below.


This infographic was created by Icelandair.

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