Victor Thompson, Man Whose Head Is Covered In Patriots Tattoos, Wanted On Narcotics Charge

Wonder if this guy’s pride is currently deflated.

Victor Thompson, whose head is thoroughly covered in New England Patriots tattoos, had an arrest warrant issued by a Florida judge after failing to show up in court on Thursday, The Smoking Gun reports.

victor thompson mug

The 46-year-old, who is facing a charge of felony narcotics possession, had also skipped out on a hearing about the case on January 8.

Thompson’s tats — which include the brand name of Tom Brady’s helmet plastered across his forehead — have helped him make headlines before.

Thompson was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida in September for possession of Spice, or synthetic marijuana. Thompson allegedly told cops he thought it was OK to have the fake weed because it was legal in his home state of New Hampshire and he had only been in Florida for three weeks, according to WMUR.

However, synthetic marijuana has actually been illegal in New Hampshire since 2011. He pleaded “no contest” to the charge in early January and had to pay a $118 fine. The synthetic marijuana case is not related to his present charges of felony narcotics possession.

The hardcore Patriots fan also appeared on TV back in 2008 to talk about his ink:

“I was watching the game, and I said, ‘I want my head to look like Tom Brady’s helmet,'” he told WMUR-TV.

But seriously, go Seahawks.

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