Veronica Partridge, Christian Blogger, Vows To Give Up Yoga Pants To ‘Honor God And Husband’

This woman is taking fashion sins a little more seriously than most.

Christian blogger Veronica Partridge has been getting a lot of attention for a blog post earlier this month in which she vows to no longer wear leggings in public because of her religious beliefs. The decision — which she writes weighed “heavy on her heart” for several months — was done to inspire fewer “lustful” thoughts in men.

Apparently, a discussion about the skintight garment led Partridge’s husband to confess to her that “it’s hard not to look” when he goes somewhere filled with leggings-clad women. “I try not to, but it’s not easy,” he told her, according to her to blog.

The revelation that guys might be checking out Partridge’s be-spandexed bum is what led the 25-year-old to quit leggings and yoga pants — a decision she writes weighed “heavy on her heart” for several months.

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Not wanting people to gawk at you is a perfectly reasonable desire. However, Partridge’s decision sounds like it stems not from her own discomfort, but because she feels personally responsible for not inciting sinful thoughts in men:

If it is difficult for my husband who loves, honors, and respects me to keep his eyes focused ahead, then how much more difficult could it be for a man that may not have the same self-control? Sure, if a man wants to look, they are going to look, but why entice them? Is it possible that the thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings could make a married (or single) man look at a woman in a way he should only look at his wife?

After spending a couple of weeks sans leggings, she writes, her “conscience is clear” and she feels she’s “honoring God and my husband in the way I dress.”

Incidentally, this is the ad that currently appears next to the post on Partridge’s site:


While Partridge’s essay has drawn plenty of mockery, and even anger, from those who feel her anti-leggings stance is ridiculous, her line of thinking appears to be shared by school administrators nationwide.

Leggings are banned in middle schools and high schools throughout the country, sometimes under the premise of not distracting male students. Parents at a middle school in Evanston, Illinois, spoke out against the dress code last year, saying the policy sent an “antiquated and warped message” that “shifts…

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