This Kitchen Gadget Locks Your Cookies Away So You Can’t Eat The Whole Box In One Sitting

Sometimes, when a sugar craving hits, you can’t help but to reach into the cookie jar a few too many times. Before you know it, all you’re left with are a couple of crumbs and a bad feeling that you ate too much.

A nifty gadget called the Kitchen Safe secures the lid on your treat jar and prevents those with a sweet tooth from mindless eating. It’s like a temporary sugar restraining order.

kitchen safe

The safe is equipped with a lock and a timer. Users can bolt their box of goodies for as short as one minute to as long as ten days, and there are no overrides. In other words, the box can’t be opened until the timer hits zero. The technology might come in handy for anyone trying to take control over their diet; whether you’ve resolved to limit your sugar intake for a week or really want to save some homemade brownies for your roommate, the tool could help.

If you think you have the power to resist munching on just one more sweet, science proves otherwise. As the product website notes, human willpower is not always reliable. We have a finite reservoir of willpower, and with a lock, willpower won’t have to be used. Kitchen Safe enables us to reserve willpower for the moments when we really need it.

Even more, the timer will force cookie cravers to seek distraction. When a craving is psychological — caused by feelings like boredom, anxiety or fatigue — many will find that after reading a few pages of a book, playing a game of sudoku or even going for a run (too much?) the craving has subsided.

kitchen safe

The product can police more than just food. It can store smartphones (if you’re attempting a digital detox), cigarettes and even gaming controllers, which, depending on your level of, uh, devotion, looks like absolute torture.

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