This Is How Much Crap We Eat (And Make) On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of America’s biggest eating holidays, just second to Thanksgiving. On game day, the average American will, reportedly, ingest at least 2,400 calories during the four to five hour viewing party. That’s well above the amount of calories recommended for 24 hours.

Classic Super Bowl party foods explain the increased calorie intake: Greasy, fatty and delicious bites like chicken wings (more than one billion will be eaten this weekend), pizza (Domino’s anticipates selling more than 11 million slices this Sunday) and potato chips (we’ll be eating around 11 millions pounds) are all welcomed fiesta guests.

As the laws of physics will have it, what goes in must come out. Last year, moments after the Seahawks won the game, toilet use spiked 13 percent in New York City.

Check out the infographic below, provided by toilet spray company Poo-Pourri to learn more about Americans’ eating and emptying habits.

(Click to enlarge)

All statistics provided by Poo-Pourri.

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