This Archery Maestro Performs Feats With A Bow And Arrow That Shouldn't Be Possible

Katniss and Legolas, step aside: This real-life archer will put you to shame.

Danish archery maestro Lars Andersen shows off his staggering quickness, agility and accuracy with a bow and arrow — all the while debunking what he refers to as the “myths” about archery that have been promulgated by Hollywood movies.

In the clip, watch as Andersen shoots three arrows in a blink of an eye:


Shoots one with his foot:


And — get this — splits a moving arrow with another one, mid-flight:


Andersen says he honed his astounding archery skills after carefully studying historical texts to learn the ways and methods of our bow and arrow-wielding ancestors.

(Watch Andersen’s next-level archery skills in the video above.)

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