The Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2015 [SLIDE DECK]

David BrayKim StevensonOliver BussmannJoanna YoungMike KailMichelle McKenna-DoyleRobert SchmidtTim CrawfordRamon BaezGaurav PradhanDiane DoerschJason SmylieRachel Wente-ChaneyDavid ChouSonny HashmiStephen LandryJay FerroBrenda CooperMatt BusiginWill LassalleJonathan ReichentalGerri FlickingerStephen DiFilipoAndy BlumenthalSeth CliffordMichael BermanChristian McMahonKelly WalshIsaac SacolickVitaliy KatsenelsonMichael SkaffLucas CarlsonKevin BehrVictor FetterTheresa RowePaul SlotNeil PearceMark CarboneSteven SnyderMelissa WooBrett BobleyAlissa JohnsonSteve GrovesFerdinand KobeltDavid SullivanMiguel GaminoRaechelle ClemmonsAnthony WatsonGeorges NgoleTom LaPlantePaige FrancisSteve DownsAdam StanleyCynthia StoddardBaz AboueleneinBrian-BauteNigel FortlageJonathan FeldmanPeter CampbellStephen LambRalph LouraMark BrewerGiancarlo GonzalezSteve HuffmanAshwin RamFernando ThompsonIan CohenVince KellenPaul CobyStuart AppleyEdgardo DonovanLisa DavisStuart LynnTom CataliniLee CongdonGanesan RavishankerDouglas MenefeeRichard CorbridgeSusan KelloggLaurent MaumetJohn SheaJoe PalmerChuck MuscianoBryan SastokasMary SobiechowskiWill WeiderSheila JordanAdam GerrardKelly FlanaganBeth NiblockPatty HatterBruce MaasKevin MoreBrian MillerEric EgnetSabine EveraetAndrew AbboudEllen BorkowskiBrian RellingerThomas Danford



The 2015 State of the CIO survey was recently published by CIO Magazine, noting that there’s still much more work to do gain respect. The survey noted that CIO compensation was rising ($234,830 in 2015) with 44% of CIOs reporting directly to the CEO. The suryey also indicated that only 13% of CIOs were viewed as ‘business leaders’ by peers from outside of IT. Only 30% of line-of-business leaders viewed the CIO as a ‘business partner’. The survey concluded by noting the significant C-suite perception gap that exists between business colleagues and IT – 54$ of line-of-business executives view IT as an obstacle to their mission (versus 33% of CIOs). One critically important way CIOs can improve the perception of IT and themselves is to adopt a more open, collaborative and accessible mindset. I have the privilege to collaborate with some of the most extraordinary CIOs in the world. These CIOs have achieved success largely to their willingness to collaborate and co-create value. Social CIOs are poised to successfully transform organizations and businesses by shifting the perceived IT culture of command-and-control to one that is collaborative and in support of co-creation of sustainable value.

Since I last published the most social CIOs of 2014 list , the role of the Chief Information Officer in leading digital business transformation has become even more vital. Championing adoption of new technologies requires CIOs to actively engage and communicate broadly. To stay informed, successful CIOs are leveraging social media as their personal learning networks. Most of the innovative CIOs that I work with are expanding their capabilities, as well as their organizations by 1. Independent research, 2. Peer collaboration via social networks and forums, and 3. Vendor and business partner engagements.

Here is the 2015 edition of the Top 100 Most Social CIOs. The ranking was determined by a combination of factors including twitter list memberships, tweet volume, number of followers, and other metrics as tallied by several social media influence scoring providers. On average, these CIOs are members of 180 lists with an average of 5,650 follower. Regarding the 2015 list, I have excluded several former CIOs who appeared on the 2014 list because they are no longer serving as active CIOs.

I invite you to join me in congratulating all of these must-follow social CIOs. Leading by example, all 100 CIOs understand, promote, and value the power of collaboration.

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