The 20 Best Food Instagrammers in the Country

By: Dan Gentile

Everyone’s heard the joke about how much a hipster weighs. An Instagram, obviously. But given the amount of food porn on there, the social photography network is less like a pair of skinny jeans and more like a pair of basic-as-hell jeans.

So to help feed you the best food… feeds in the country, we combed through Instagram and rounded up 20 of the most hunger-inducing chefs, visually dazzling photographers, and creative foodies shooting today. Get ready to hit “follow” a bunch of times.

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Credit: Instagram/pissinginthepunchbowl


Aka Marcus Nilsson, photographer, Brooklyn
Best ‘grams: Chili dogs, backyard paella, Peruvian breakfast
Marcus shoots for everyone from Esquire to Oprah, but you’re just as likely to see a can of Negro Modelo on his feed as an artfully composed deconstruction of limes.

Credit: Instagram/ulteriorepicure


Aka Bonjwing Lee, writer and photographer, Kansas City, MO
Best ‘grams: Lacquered squab, oyster shucking, foraged mushrooms
Formerly an anonymous blogger, Lee came out of the Blogspot closet and transitioned from a hobbyist snapper to an in-demand photographer, but his photos still light up with a personal spark.

Credit: Instagram/faimfatale


Aka Deana Saukam, “boss” at qui restaurant, Austin
Best ‘grams: Japanese blowfish carpaccio, fried tonkatsu pork, Texas BBQ feasts, lobster rolls
Deana traverses the globe alongside fiance Paul Qui “researching” everything from exotic Asian cuisine to hamburgers bigger than her face.

Credit: Instagram/chefjeremyfox


Chef, Santa Monica
Best ‘grams: Smoked salmon-topped focaccia, raw prawns, pork shoulder with fennel gravy
Fox’s photos give a window into the working process at Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, showing dishes in progress and tracing photogenic ingredients like prawns back to their sources. Now that’s an open kitchen.

Credit: Instagram/aubriepick


Photographer, San Francisco
Best ‘grams: Smoked octopus, dim sum, whole red snapper
Pick’s photos have landed in a ton of different publications, but if you don’t have time to flip through the likes of Rue magazine, her IG account is the place to experience her fabulous #photoshootlife.

Credit: Instagram/chicagolunch


Aka Raff & Green, mid-day meal aficionados, Chicago
Best ‘grams: Deep-dish pizza, curry in a pineapple, Italian beef sandwich
These dudes elevate lunch to the most important meal of the day, giving a photo tour of the Chi that puts your pathetic sandwiches to shame.

Credit: Instagram/foodbabyny


Aka Mike Chau, Father and foodie, NYC
Best ‘grams: Baby with mac & cheese, baby with blueberry fritter beret, baby inside a donut
Chau photographs his adorable son with damn near everything he eats, usually angling it such that the…

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