Teen With Growth Disorder Gets Sweetest Pep Rally Promposal From Football Player

Though Autumn Pollard was born with a genetic disease called Noonan syndrome that causes growth abnormalities, that’s never stopped the Arkansas teen from dancing in front of her high school with the mascot every year. But one pep rally included a special surprise.

According to ABC News, Autumn’s friend Cope Robinson snuck behind her with a group holding signs with various letters.

When the mascot turned her around, the junior discovered Corning High School’s football star standing next to posters spelling out “prom” with a question mark and an arrow pointing toward him.

Autumn’s mom attended the pep rally and admitted that the proposal, which Autumn accepted, made her emotional.

“It was fantastic,” she said. “We weren’t aware of what was going to happen, so we all started crying.”

Next up on Autumn’s list? Finding the perfect dress.

H/T ABC News

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