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Taylor Swift Fan Recreated Every Single Polaroid From ‘1989’ — And T-Swift LOVED It

One Florida teen just took T-Swift fandom to the next level. Nadia Afkhami recreated every Polaroid from Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. It’s literally spot on.



After Nadia posted the photos on her Tumblr,, T-Swift replied with some major Internet <3.

Tay posted a note to Nadia on Tumblr, and it’s just as sweet as can be:


After she won Tay’s heart, the inevitable Internet bullies came a-trolling. In an email to The Huffington Post, Nadia explained that she started receiving hurtful comments about her photos. So, Nadia stood up to the haters — the T-Swift way. She wrote on Tumblr:

“Some people commented on the articles that the pictures are the “fat Taylor version” LOL. I mean yea obviously! I will never have Taylor’s body type. And that’s ok. Creativity and beauty don’t have a size. Y’all be any size you want! Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.”

Damn straight.


Scroll down to see a few more of Nadia’s pictures, and check out the rest on her Tumblr.



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