Take This Test to Find Out Why You Really Spend Money

What kind of spender are you? Want to find out? Better yet, how would you like to uncover the underlying issues that cause your friends and family to spend the way they do? You can with this online quiz.

The way we deal with money has more to do with our unconscious puppeteers than good economics. The field of behavioral economics is a fascinating field of study, or at least I think so because it is really those silent drivers that deliver us our financial fate.

For those who are most susceptible to the barrage of advertising messages we think we fend off on a daily basis, a binge spender may have little control over the way money leaks out and vanishes. That’s not an excuse, just a reality.

On the flip side there are people who are such micromanagers of their money and spending that they become practically obsessive and compulsive about tracking every little penny.

We all know people like this, don’t we?

Well I’ve developed an online quiz you can take to find out your money personality. The test is free and takes just a minute or two. You can even answer the questions like someone you know to gain some insight into what drives their spending.

Each person has a general type of money personality and seems to attract opposites to their spending comfort level. It is extremely common for savers to attract spenders and then find conflict and angst over money worries. When in reality, the difference in the way they deal with money is attractive to the other on some level.

Some people are practically phobic when it comes to their relationship with money. They live in fear of how ever penny comes and goes. Some are just big spenders who release their grip on money to reduce stress or improve self-esteem.

Big Spenders are often susceptible to get rich quick schemes as ways to solve their problems, which sadly oftentimes lead to more debt. Big Spenders usually have difficulty in planning for the future. In certain cases this can cause high anxiety for their families.

If you are ready to take the online test and ferret out your money personality, just click here. It will be strangely enlightening.

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