Supercut Shows The Insane Volume Of Stupid Questions Women Get On The Red Carpet

With awards season in full swing, it’s an appropriate time to discuss the inane sexism that seems to be directed at every woman who steps on to a red carpet.

A new video created by Upworthy focuses on the often ridiculous questions women are forced to answer at red carpet events. These questions range from the superficial “Tell me about your dress,” and “Who are you wearing?” to the downright idiotic, “Were you able to wear undergarments?”

All too often the questions these accomplished actresses receive are less about their work, and more about what they’re wearing or how they stay thin. While men are also sometimes asked about their outfits, more often their interviews focus on their achievements as actors. The difference is even more pronounced when the tables are turned.

So, as women (and men) on Twitter have been pleading, let’s all #AskHerMore. And enough with the up-and-down body scans already.

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