Nicholas Stewart Convicted Of Selling Urine As Whiskey

A man who admitted to selling bottles of urine and feces as whiskey and vodka has received a 70-day suspended sentence for his crime.

Nicholas Stewart, 35, was arrested after being caught selling fake liter bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey and Smirnoff vodka to tourists for $15 at a slot machine complex in Blackpool, England.

A lab analysis of the bottles showed no alcohol in the bottles, but something more sinister, according to Blackpool Council prosecutor Victoria Cartmell.

“They were purported to contain whiskey and vodka, but they were water laced with urine and feces — probably to give the so-called whiskey color,” she said in court, according to the Blackpool Gazette. “They were totally unsuitable for public consumption — they were hazardous and contained dangerous e-coli bacteria.”

Cartmell told the court that Stewart was involved in more than 30 other incidents and described him as “a persistent and troublesome offender,” according to

Stewart pleaded guilty to fraud but will serve no time behind bars, according to the Daily Mail.

He received a 70 day jail term suspended for 12 months, even though the magistrates hearing the case told him, “You are a danger to public health.”

However, authorities are now seeking a Criminal Anti-Social Behavior Order (CRASBO) that would prevent Stewart from selling anything in Blackpool.

Stewart’s attorney, Martin Hillson, told the court at an earlier hearing that his client only sold the urine-soiled fake booze because he needed money for food, according to the Express.

Hillson objected to the order because it would prevent his client from selling anything, even newspapers.

“It is a blanket ban in a set geographical area,” he said.

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