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‘Napcab’ Napping Pods Are The Most Genius Way To Survive The Airport

Your flight’s delayed. You’ve schlepped your bags across countless moving walkways, spent a zillion hours on hold with your airline, and now even the sweet smell of Cinnabon is starting to get nauseating.

You NEED to escape. But where?

Behold, the Napcab is the best thing to ever happen to weary travelers (or ones who could never stand the airport in the first place). The luxurious “sleeping cabins,” located right in the middle of the terminal, are tiny private rooms, fully decked out with luggage storage, a bed and a small workspace. Simply walk up and swipe your credit card on a touchscreen to enter your box of solitary bliss — rates are about $12 to about $18 per hour, with a $35 minimum.

In the four-square-meter sanctuary known as a Napcab, you’ll find Internet access, real bed linens, an iPod dock and music and videos. There’s even an alarm clock to wake you up for your flight.




Napcabs aren’t the only tight-quartered sleeping options for travelers: In Japan, capsule hotels let passengers sleep in tubular configurations, and Podtime’s personal sleeping pods may soon appear in a terminal near you (they’re not there yet). As far as we know, Napcabs are the single easiest way to catch some shuteye, right at your gate.

They’re currently up and running in Munich Airport — and while there are no current plans for expansion that we can see, there’s no doubt the future of travel should and will include something like this.

We’re ready for takeoff… or ready to doze off, that is.

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