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Lights Go On, Part XXXI — Discover


I learned something the other day
no, wait!
I discovered something the other day
learning and discovering hold different weights for me
I have forgotten maybe half of what I’ve learned
but never a discovery.

I believe it is due to our

Free Will

Early on I discovered that
trusting my inner voice
while considering outer voices
boosted my self confidence
and supported me through experiences.

The more I trusted it
the more I discovered that
in many others,
maybe even most
the opposite was in force.

In my studies of this phenomena
I have observed that our
industrial age educational system
has guided us
to believe a lie.

Please understand that I am not casting aspersions here.
If it weren’t for our industrial age
we probably wouldn’t have
an information age.

Please remember,
these are my observations.

Thank you

If we want to learn a task
that requires being performed
as close to the same way possible
every time
I believe our
industrial age education
has done a splendid job
for in these tasks there is a clear
It’s simple really.

However; I discovered that this system was not suited
to my imagination
and I rely on my imagination

for my happiness

for my fulfillment

and for my financial well being.

I utilize my free will too many times a day
to keep count.
(something we do too often in my belief – counting, that is)

I discover
on a consistent basis.
For me it’s a muscle.
If you were to tell me something
that I would define as
particularly instructional
‘how to do something’
I may use my free will to:
ignore it
learn from it
for me this comes under the category of
outside voices
I may or may not remember what comes my way
from these instructions.
When outside voices are of most value to me
is when
they lead to discovery.
In other words
they show me where to look
not what to see.

I’ll share a story with you regarding
my granddaughter
that illustrates what I’m getting at here.
Harper is 3+
is a lover of life
beyond description
One day she was
kicking a beach ball
that looked like a globe of the world.
she was kicking and laughing
having the greatest time.
I asked her if she would throw the ball to me
and when she did
I caught it and gently
threw it back to her
the ball fell to the ground
we did this a few times
and I suggested this:
“Harper, when I throw the ball,
just look at it.”
I threw it
instinctively she caught it.

She discovered how to catch a ball
And from that moment
she has done it consistently.

No one said
“Hold your hands up like this.”

I am proud to have shown her where to look…


for me,

it is one of the most



long lasting

I have

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