Liam Neeson And Jimmy Fallon’s Arm Wrestling Match Was More Intense Than ‘Taken’

Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills when it comes to arm wrestling.

On Wednesday, the “Taken 3” actor faced Jimmy Fallon in an arm wrestling match complete with some of the most intense trash talk you’ll ever hear. Before the battle began, each competitor listed all the things they would do after they win. This includes throwing a surprise party with a bunch of Fallon lookalikes, giving fake names to the Starbucks barista and getting a lower back tattoo with the Papa John’s slogan on it.

It’s trash talk like that, that makes you hope both contestants come out on top. But, like Fallon’s previous match against Channing Tatum, there can just be one winner. The only thing left to say is:

Image: FastCompany

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