Laura Palmer And Bobby Will Return To Showtime's 'Twin Peaks'

We know that Agent Cooper, aka Kyle MacLachlan, will return for Showtime’s upcoming “Twin Peaks” limited series, but now we can expect to see the homecoming queen return as well.

During the recent “Twin Peaks” U.K. Festival in London, Sheryl Lee, who played Laura Palmer in David Lynch’s original series, and Dana Ashbrook, who played Laura’s boyfriend Bobby, revealed they are returning for the 2016 series. According to the fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks, Lee said she received a call from Lynch on her way to the festival telling her that she and Ashbrook would appear in the new series. Ashbrook made the announcement during the festival, much to the fans’ excitement, revealing that Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne, may also be returning.

Lee played both Laura, the murdered high school homecoming queen, and Laura’s cousin Maddy Ferguson, in the original series, which ran for two seasons on ABC. It’s unknown how Lee and Ashbrook will return to the new nine-episode season of the show, especially since it will take place 25 years later. During the panel, the two also revealed that they were just as surprised as the rest of us when co-creators Lynch and Mark Frost’s tweeted about the show’s return last October.

This news should hardly come as a surprise though, since Laura did say she’d see us again in 2016.

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For more, head to Welcome to Twin Peaks.

The new season of “Twin Peaks” will premiere in 2016 on Showtime.

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