Kate, Will and Harry 'Join Social Media,' But We Have Some Suggestions

Attention royal enthusiasts: stop what you’re doing. Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry have arrived on social media.

OK, maybe that’s not fully true, but hear us out.

Royal officials announced Wednesday on their Twitter account that our three favorite royals now have an Instagram and Twitter dedicated solely to the three of them and their whereabouts.

We’re certainly grateful to have yet another peek into the royal world, but we have to admit we’re a little disappointed the account so far is basically a couple of found-on-the-Internet photos with a filter slapped on. Kate, Will and Harry are some of the most down-to-earth royalty there is. Harry has held little children on his shoulders at concerts. Kate does her own grocery shopping. So the question is, why shouldn’t they have their own accounts?

In fact, we hereby suggest that they hop on the bandwagon themselves, and to make the transition easy for them, we have some tips and requests of photos the public is sure to be interested in seeing.

A monthly photo of George (and his future sibling) with their respective ages written on chalk boards à la Pinterest.

Photos of Kate’s OOTD (tap for credits!)

#EEEEEATS. So many palace #EEEEEATS.

No-makeup selfies.

Sneaky snaps of the queen being less queen-like.

Shirtless selfies (Lookin’ at you, Harry.)

#TBT’s of baby Kate & Pippa or baby Will & Harry or basically any babies.

#MCM’S of Will and #WCW’s of Kate. <3
kate and will

Closet pics of Kate’s shoe collection.

Family vacation photos.

What would you like to see from a royal Instagram? Sound off below!

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