I Was Addicted to Sexting

“I don’t send sexy pictures. I mean, that’s like a virtual hickey,” began *Stephanie, the most logical of my college friends. “Someone has marked their territory on you. They own your image.”

It was sound advice. I probably should have followed it.

When Stephanie dropped this sage wisdom back in 2009, smartphones were just beginning their meteoric rise. Soon, many women would feel perfectly comfortable sending sexually charged iPhone pics to their partners… or even people they kinda, you know, like-liked. Who could have predicted, in those innocent college years, an era where the whole world would bear witness to naughty selfies of Kim Kardashian’s famous backside, or of A-list celebrity pictures being leaked to the masses?

As for me? I can’t take part. Not any more. Because for a long time, I was a sexting addict. And it all began with me being a heartless succubus.


*Jack and I dated briefly in the spring of 2011. He looked like something out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, with lustrous blonde hair I still find myself remembering fondly. But it was more than that which drew me to him: He was also intelligent and charmingly socially awkward. I was smitten.

Soon, Jack ended our fling, but he quickly regretted it. I refused to let him back into my life until I heard the five words I yearned to hear:

“Can we just have sex?”

So we did. And dear Aphrodite, the sex was glorious. As I yanked Jack’s luscious locks, we copulated from every angle. After having sex multiple times a week for three months, Jack started hinting that he wanted more from me. I fought against it for an additional month. Though I liked Jack, I didn’t think he was “boyfriend material” (whatever that means). I dated other men.

It was during the throes of a breakup with another guy — someone who left me wanting sexually — that I decided to text Jack:

“Be at your place in 15 minutes.”

Words were barely uttered before we began ripping off each other’s clothes. I came — I kid you not — 18 times, as if making up for my lack of intimacy with the other man.

Jack moved away less than a week later, and as he stood by the moving van, he said words I’ll never forget: “You mean a lot to me. You broke my heart though… you really did. I love you.”

I never said it back.

After a few weeks, Jack asked if I’d send him a sexy picture. Briefly, I recalled Stephanie’s words about virtual hickeys. But then, a voice inside me said:

“You broke his heart. Just send one. That will make him feel better.”

I donned my sexiest lingerie (read: my most expensive Frederick’s of Hollywood purchase) and lounged seductively in front of my mirror. Before sending the picture, I studied it. Immediately, my body shivered with a thrill entirely new. I looked amazing. With my face cut out (due to Stephanie’s influence), the focus was on my firm, gym-earned body and…

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