How To Eat Spaghetti Like An Italian, And Other Customs Travelers Should Know

When traveling the world, you’re going to encounter many a delectable treat — some you’re familiar with, and some you’ve never seen the likes of before.

And since we’re not too keen on exposing ourselves as tourists, we’d rather brief ourselves on the local eating customs beforehand than get stuck at a table full of locals with no clue what to do.

Behold, as the experts at Co-operative Travel break down how to eat every food you might find on your travels, from spaghetti (it’s a one-handed twirl on the side of your plate… NO spoons) to escargot (who knew there was a special fork?!). Read up, then eat up… and you’ll look just like a local!

Your Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad

Your Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad [Infographic] by the team at The Co-operative Travel

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