How To Avoid Losing Your Luggage, In One Simple Chart

Aside from the hassle of booking a flight and coordinating airport pick-ups, there’s only one thing we really dread about flying — the possibility of losing our luggage.

We recently learned where the lost luggage ends up — a big building in Alabama where strangers buy your stuff — but we’d really prefer our favorite T-shirts and shoes avoid that fate.

The best tips for preventing lost luggage are pretty easy to remember: Update your luggage tag with your current address and phone number, try shipping your bags instead of bringing them on the plane, put an itinerary inside your suitcase, and make sure to avoid short layovers if you can.

But for those who like to flirt with chance, the experts at eBags have put together a handy flowchart that calculates the likelihood of actually losing luggage. See if you might be more susceptible to lost luggage, and bon voyage!


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